ABACUS Contribution Guide

Contribution Process

We welcome contributions from the open source community. The technical guide is provided in Contributing to ABACUS. Here is the basic contribution process:

  • Find out issues to work on. We assume you already have a good idea on what to do, otherwise the issue tracker and discussion panel provide good starting points to find out what to work on and to get familiar with the project.

  • Approach the issue. It is suggested to submit new issues before coding out changes to involve more discussions and suggestions from development team. Refer to the technical guide in Contributing to ABACUS when needed.

  • Open a pull request. The ABACUS developers review the pull request (PR) list regularly. If the work is not ready, convert it to draft until finished, then you can mark it as “Ready for review”. It is suggested to open a new PR through forking a repo and creating a new branch on you Github account. A new PR should include as much information as possible in description when submmited. Unittests or CI tests are required for new PRs.

  • Iterate the pull request. All pull requests need to be tested through CI before reviewing. A pull request might need to be iterated several times before accepted, so splitting a long PR into parts reduces reviewing difficulty for us.